Anonymous Pakistani Artist who got their fame in Hollywood4 min read

Anonymous Pakistani Artist  who got their fame in Hollywood

The Pakistani nation is very talented, whether it is in the medical sector, Pakistan’s art area or modern technology has iron capacities everywhere, but there is some anonymous Pakistani artist that made it all the way to Hollywood but very few people know about these artists.

1. Faran Tahir

Faran Tahir is a  Pakistani-American actor knows by very few people in the Pakistani media industry, but he is a big name for the Hollywood who has worked in many super hit movies. Faran Tahir Pakistani Theater Artist, the son of Naeem Tahir. he was born in Pakistan. He started his Hollywood career with the film “The Jungle Book” in 1994 as Mowgli’s father.  After that, he appeared in many films, including Picture Perfect, Anywhere But Here, A Town Without Pity, Star Trek, Escape Plan, Flight World War II, Charlie Wilson War, Boris, and the Bomb, Honeyglue Jinn, Mr. Jones, Torn, Elysium, Ashes, Iron Man, etc. You can currently watch him in the hit American TV Series Scandal.

2. Lariab Atta

Hollywood is one of the most popular film industry where movies have become popular in special effects and animated manners. Due to modern technology, Hollywood movies are not only considered to be worldly but also billions of businesses. In the movies of innovative technology and professional faculty in Hollywood films, Pakistani citizens, including Lariab Atta, the daughter of Pakistan’s most popular singer  Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi.

Laraib Khan is a professional VFX artist hails from Isakhel, Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan. She worked as a visual effects artist for a myriad of Hollywood films. Lariab Atta received her fame in Pakistan when her name came out when she signed for Hollywood’s actor Tom Cruise’s film ‘Mission Impossible, Fall Out’. Lariab was part of the film’s Affiliate Affect team. she also worked in X-Men, Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Prince of Persia. The Sands of Time etc

3. Kamran Pasha

Talented Pakistani Kamran Pasha, who was born in Karachi, moved to America at the age of three and was raised in the US. Kamran Pasha knows by very few people in Pakistan. Kamran Pasha is a Hollywood screenwriter, director, and novelist. He has been the author and producer of the NBC series “Kings”, as well as co-producers and writers of the Terrorism Drama “Split Cell ” nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. In addition, he is also writers of CW series “Nikita”, New Mexico” and Disney’s Animated Show ” Tournament “.

4. Dilshad Vadsaria

A lot of people from Karachi know Dilshad Vadsaria that she is the famous American television actress. Dilshad Vadsaria received her fame from the role of “Rebecca Logan” on the ABC Family television program “Greek” and for the film “30 Minutes or Less”.

5. Mir Zafar Ali

Who is not aware of the Hollywood’s animated film “Frozen”, but very few people know that Karachi’s Visual Focus Artist Mir Zafar Ali was a part of the Visual effects team of “Frozen” movie. “The Golden Temple”, “Spider-Man 3”, “X-Men”, “First Class”, “Monster House” “The Incredible Light”, “The Mimi” and “Life of Pie”, Mir Zafar Ali have also worked in these movies as a Visual effects specialist. Mir Zafar Ali and his team in 2007, ‘The Golden Compass’, in 2012 The film ‘Lite of Pie’ and ‘2014’ movie in ‘Frozen’ has been awarded an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Of course, Mir Zafar Ali is proud of Pakistan who has highlighted Pakistan’s name in favor of his work in Hollywood.

6. Kumail Nanjiani

Pakistani American stand-up, comedian Kumail Nanjiani knows by many people in Pakistan apart from Kobe One countries. He got his primary education in  Karachi. Kumail Nanjiani later went to America at the age of 18. Kumail Nanjiani earned fame through working with Hollywood’s successful star ” Silicon Valley ” and ” through ” The Big Sick ” movie. In addition, he has worked in the Animated series “Adventure Time”. This movie has been awarded an Emmy Award.


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Written by Rimsha Ahmed

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