Apple offers $1MILLION ‘bug bounty’ to find security flaws

Apple to give $1,000,000 to anyone who can Break into iPhone

Apple the Tech Giant Company has offered ‘bug bounty’ rewards before but this time Apple is offering bigger rewards than ever before for ethical hackers who can find and report security flaws and weakness of the company. Its iOS bug bounty will pay out up to $1.5 million for a single attack technique that a researcher discovers and shares discreetly with Apple


Another $500,000 will be given to those who can find a “network attack requiring no user interaction.” And a 50% bonus will be up for grabs for hackers who can find weaknesses in software before it’s released

Apple officially recently announced the ‘bug bounty’ reward at a yearly security conference in Las Vegas

The $1MILLION ‘bug bounty’ reward will be paid to any researcher, ethical hacker who meets Apple’s conditions for gaining full access to an iOS device without assistance from the owner

The  ‘bug bounty’ reward is a new part of Apple’s Feedback Assistant program. The ‘bug bounty’ program is a way for developers and ethical hackers to send “bug reports” about programming problems and possible security threats

This is the biggest ‘bug bounty’ reward ever offered by the tech companies in recent years, bug hunting has become an immensely colossal business with players like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft all offering up astronomically immense sums. Plenty of others—like Tesla, Yelp, Reddit, Square, 1Password, Pinterest, and Uber—have since joined the party, but bug bounties aren’t inhibited to tech companies. Finance, healthcare, and regime entities offer bounties because they’re desperate to stay ahead of the next major breach.

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