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Eva Zu Beck shared about why She’s leaving Pakistan

Eva Zubeck, polish Travel vlogger has left Pakistan. She has won the hearts of Pakistani Peoples. People liked her and with her social media posts lauding the undiscovered beauty of Pakistan and her contribution towards promoting tourism in this part of the world. People want her back as she has left Pakistan.

The ardent traveler has been the center of attention in the country with her social media posts filled with colors exploring and celebrating the beauty of Pakistan and has for long fallen prey to negligence by foreign tourists following the country’s uncertain security situation. Her Instagram stories and all of her post reveal that how much she enjoyed while she explores Pakistan and peoples also enjoy her posts on social media.

Eva Zu Beck shared about why She’s leaving Pakistan

In her post, Eva Zu beck mentioned an immense step to start from afresh. She has decided to ship all accrued belongings from Pakistan back to Europe.

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Goodbye, Pakistan 🇵🇰 It’s been an incredible 13 months, and I want to thank everyone who stood by my side on this journey. Today, I feel ready to leave Pakistan because… I have made myself redundant. I’ve fired myself from the role of “person on social media who talks about the beauty of Pakistan”. And that, to me, is real success. It may sound contradictory, but I believe that in whatever we do, we should strive to make ourselves redundant. Meaning, we should always build more than just our individual success. To be truly successful at something, you should strive to build an ecosystem that supports your mission, inspires the world to be part of it, and elevates other people to carry it forward, to the point where the system rests on others, not just you. So when you leave, the system keeps going. This is how you know you’re creating something bigger than yourself. Real, lasting change. I feel that this is what happened with me and Pakistan. In the short year that I’ve been supporting the country’s nascent tourism industry, I’ve witnessed massive change. Today, the government actually seems to care about tourism. Today, more and more local bloggers are inspired to promote domestic tourism. Today, so many international bloggers are about to visit Pakistan and showcase the beauty of this country. Look, I am not claiming too much credit for all of this, but I do feel like I’ve been part of the change, along with all of you by my side. Much more needs to be done, of course. To the domestic tour operators: think hard about how you can help and not destroy the gifts that Pakistan has, even if it means raising the costs. To local bloggers: keep going, keep inspiring and keep travelling to off-the-radar places, to help evenly distribute the flow of tourism. To travellers: seek out experiences that allow you to get to know local culture. Don’t order biryanis up North; try local food. Don’t just go to Hunza; dig deeper. Be respectful and mindful of the environment, don’t litter, ask people before taking their picture. This is how Pakistan’s tourism industry will grow in all the right, sustainable ways. With you. With or without me. Shukriya. Yours, Eva 💚

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She added

I realised that I was starting to make shortcuts in my Dream in order to make space for comfort and a sense of security. In having a base, in relationships, in material possessions.
But my Dream never sought stability – it was always about fluidity, minimalism, being in motion, lost in the infinity of our world. That’s where I’m returning.


She Mentiontioned in a post that she’ll be traveling from  Pakistan to Afghanistan, Syria to Kazakhstan, to the steppes and peaks of Central Asia. 

Eva Zu Beck collaborates with Jazz to showcase Pakistan’s undiscovered beauty

As Eva Zu Beck collaborates with Jazz. Jazz is now giving an opportunity to the people of Pakistan, Foreign peoples to discover the pristine and precious marvels this land has to offer and exploring the undiscovered beauty of Pakistan

We appreciate her for showing the beauty of Pakistan and we wish best for her upcoming projects.


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