Khalil Ur Rehman Abuses A Women In Live Show4 min read

Many Celebrities Speak up against Khalil-ur-Rehman for abusing a woman on National TV

Today the live Khalil ur Rehman on the live tv talk show crosses all the limits while talking in the interview, despite he is a successful writer and he holds no respect while talking about the women in the live show in front of the Journalist Marvi Sirmed

Khalil Ur Rehman lost his temper for no reason and start misbehaving with Marvi Sirmed no dub he is a successful writer and also a write a good stories with the suspicious end but he loses his respect after misbehaving in the interview

Khalil Ur Rehman Tells The Secret In The Morning Show Why He Hates Women

In the interview, he gives a Gali to the women and using many abusing languages in the show.

Khalil Ur Rehman is a great writer but the way he talks and behaves is so weird he uses the very annoying things to Marvi Sirmed that disgraces her as ” Tere Jism Mein Hai Kia”? ”Uloo Ki Pathi” and the good old ”bitch” that surprises all the viewers and journalist also

Celebrities Shocking Responses After The Live Telecast Of Khalil Ur Rehman

After watching the live show of Khalil Ur Rehman the celebrities also gives the shocking responses that show the thought and views of them

Some of them are saying that Marvi Sermid deserves this and some are against of Khalil Ur Rehman for this act in the live show

Khalil Ur Rehman About Feminism

Khalil Ur Rehman only Just shares his thought according to him that why he hates women what is the reason behind that he also tells about the feminism and says we are conducting a march about women

Khalil Ur Rehman also talk about the limits of male and females that both should follow their limits according to the right they have

He further says that I know what my rights of freedom and I also know what is the limits of the rights

Apology of Nasrullah Malik NEO To The Journalist Marvi Sirmed

After watching the show on the screen the Nasrullah Malik NEO apologizes the Marvi Sirmed on the incident of a live show that they strictly take an action and sorry to her for the misbehave of Khalil Ur Rehman

This article is for the feminism and also tells the readers that what is write or wrong and also for the peoples like Khalil Ur Rehman to not use this type of abusive language #womenrightfirst


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Written by Sannia Hussain

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