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Maya Ali the famous actress her brother’s Afnan Qureshi got married on 13 February 2020. Maya Ali was very excited about her brother’s wedding and shared the wedding cards on social media with him to their friends and fans that totally shows the excitement of her. Maya Ali was looking splendid on all the days of the wedding and she is extremely close to her brother and sister in law and enjoyed a lot with them and taking so many selfies and pictures.
The Beautiful House Decor
Mayon Picture of Maya Ali With Her Family

Maya Ali was looking damn gorgeous and enjoying to her fullest after all why not? because it’s her brother’s wedding she wore the traditional dressing that gives the perfect look and suits her. Maya Ali wore the simple Shalwar Qameez on her brother’s Mayon’s function with gotta work the dress is also designed by Faiza Saqlain

Maya Ali with her brother Afnan Qureshi and her sister in law Nosha Afnan the happy family and picture shows the strongest bonding and all are looking very happy together

The picture of the day with Maya Ali’s mother and the gorgeous bride Nosha Afnan in traditional outfit looking damn pretty on her Mayon’s event

The perfect moment and the fetching click of Maya Ali with her mother both are looking flawless and daughter mother love is always the everlasting

Maya Ali is dancing on her brother’s Mayon looking very happy and enjoying every moment of the wedding .

She is enjoying with heart and participates in every single moment on her brother’s function all are looking very cute and happy together and also the pictured are ravishing of course the excitement shows the entire world her ”bhaiya ki Shadi”.

The cute Maya Ali and the handsome Wahaj Ali the ”Paray Hut Love” partners looking so cute together on her brother’s Mayon.

Qawali Night

Before the Barat day, the qawali night was also arranged and Maya Ali and her family and friends also enjoyed a lot on that night that wast totally ravishing and memorable for them here are some beautiful pictures of them

Here some beautiful glimpses from the Qawali Night of Maya Ali’s brother wedding’s stuff that is admirable and shows the pure love of sweet family
Maya With her Gorgeous Mother Brother and Sister in Law
Maya Ali With Her Friend Wahaj Ali

The beautiful groom with her sister at the Qawali night both are so cute

Wahaj Ali and Maya Ali both are enjoying at Qawali Night and are happy together

Barat Day of Afnan’s Qureshi And Nosha Afnan

On Barat day the bride Nosha Afnan and the groom Afnan Qureshi both are looking so sweet together the perfect and happy couple. Maya Ali is looking also looking so cute on her brother’s special day her happiness show that she loves the wedding and enjoying the weddings and also Maya Ali knows that how to manage the showbiz and personal life together perfectly
Beautiful Couple together

The handsome Groom’s Afnan Qureshi’s entry on Barat and he is looking superb on his special day with Maya Ali the queen and his family

The beautiful Bride Noosha Afnan’s entry with her flawless looks on her Barat Day with her family and she is looking very pretty on her outfit

The Gorgeous queen Maya Ali is looking damn pretty on the special day of her brother. Maya Ali is just giving a perfect looking and she hits the dance floor with her outstanding and mind-blowing performances

Maya Ali also danced with the cute ”pary hut love” duo Sheryar Munawar Siddique and hits the dance floor

Maya Ali with her girls enjoying the Barat function

The two handsome boys spotted Wahaj Ali and Sheryar Munawar Siddique looking so happy together and show the happiness together by dancing together on the couch

About Last Night the Maya Ali with her Sister in law Noosha Affans the both are looking like a princess on their outfits that perfectly matches on both of her personalities
Cute And Gorgeous Maya Ali On Her Outfit

Here they end up with the cute family picture of Maya Ali all are looking flawless together

Walima Day Of Maya Ali’s Brother Afnan Qureshi And Sister In Law Noosha Afnan

The walima pictures of Maya Ali’s Brother and Sister in law are also very stunning they all are looking cute and happy with each other. Pictures show the love and strong bonding between them. They are looking like a happy family may Allah protect them from an evil eye.

Walima Couple together
Cute Happy Family

The excitement of Maya Ali’s on the walima day the final wedding is on its peak and Maya Ali is just giving a damn look in white sarhi evil eyes off on her looks
Maya Ali with Magician

This article is to show the love of Maya Ali’s towards her family and also for her brother and sister in law.

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