Meet Snowball, Who dances like a human with a repertoire of 14 unique dance moves2 min read

Meet Snowball, an Amazing Cockatoo dance moves just like the moves as Humans. This Snowball Cockatoo performed 14 dances when promoted by music. His body moves surprised us how his hands waved while dancing. Social media also clustered with the videos of this snowball.

The sulfur-crested Cockatoo in 2007 broke big on Youtube, for his toe-tapping, his head-bobbing also his feather-waving performance to the backstreet boys ” Everybody”. Our Researchers studying spending a decade and they research that when the music moves them the Parrots and Humans shows their tendency.

Once again in 2009, Snowball Cockatoo broke big on youtube with the new moves on the new musical instruments.

Snowball Cockatoo head-bobbing on his own music

But now ever an entertainer, Cockatoo performed 14 dances when he promoted to music. It is also because of their development and attachment with humans. 

Snowball Cockatoo begged on his own music. Researchers said that they measured their steps frame by frame. He performed 14 different moves when he promoted to music

His toe-tapping is also distinct for 14 moves. Researchers mapped for more than 20 minutes all on the beats of different songs. The most frequent of his “downward” move and his signature head-bob “head-bang with a lifted foot. One of his amazing moves is waving head in the side-by-side.

Cockatoo Dance moves prove Parrots Cognitive Complexities

Researchers said, ” Parrots are unusual because these cognitive Complexities are coming together into their brain” and they also said when these capacities or complexities come into their mind it let them to impulses to dance. Snowball Cockatoo is one of the bird to be studied in this way, So it is very difficult to conclude and finding the capabilities of another species.

 In the Video, you see all the 14 distinct moves of Snowball Cockatoo. Downward, Side-by-Side, Dow-Shake, Foot-Lift, Foot Lift downswing, Head foot sync, Headbang with a lifted foot, Pose, Semi-Circle low, Semi-Circle high, Body roll, Vogue. 

All of his moves differ from the other. He does his moves beautifully and the Umbrella on his head is a part of his head moves in a wavy way that looks cool.

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Written by Sana Arshad

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