Nescafe Basement’s instrumental rendition of “Aadat” is mind-blowing!3 min read

Nescafe Basement has stolen our hearts this time by creating amazing renditions like Mehbooba and Piya Re. This really seems that now, Nescafe Basement has achieved its goal. However, they are moving forward towards something big! Zulfiqar Khan discovered many young artists like Hadiya Hashmi, Ali Imran, and Abdullah Siddiqui who have a melodious voice and we’re stunned after listening to them!! Nescafe Basement season 5 is the best platform for young talented artists who can upgrade their skills here. Needless to say, season 5 of Nescafe Basement has become a platform for new talent and epitome of incredible music.

In the latest episode of Nescafe Basement season 5, the producer Zulfiqar Khan recreated the super-hit song, Aadat. The new instrumental version of Aadat is sung by Goher Mumtaz who’s the original composer of this song.

Here’s what Gohar shared on his Instagram account:

I am overwhelmed by the response and the most common response #goosebumps 🙂 . This has been an amazing journey. The best part of this rendition is not me, but these musicians who shined like pearls in this rendition and taking this industry forward. This performance is dedicated to all of you. 
From Aadat till bhanwray, it’s been 15 years, the journey continues , only because a friend who produced Jal’s first album aadat , told me that you can do it all over again, and again. 🙂 – Xulfi you are an asset for our music industry, as I feel no one can do justice to this rendition except you. The ideas, melodies, words that i have cldnt ever shaped up without your input. It reminds me of the time we were recording our first album Aadat we were naive, kids enthusiastic and still after so many years the spark is there as we try staying true , honest to what we do and we are still learning. #nescafebasement5 has gone to the next level and yes certainly raised bar of others. This performance is also dedicated to Atif Aslam, a friend who praised me all the time in his interviews. Remember! You are a brother and i am a proud fan of yours 🙂

Do you remember this song? Just try to recall? 2003? Ah yess!! Back in 2003, this song was the most favorite one among the youngsters. Nescafe Basement’s version was something which took us to another world. And, we relived so many memories again which were connected with the song. I think Xulfi made a good decision to create an instrumental version of Aadat. Overall, 12 different instruments have been used to create this piece of music. The song starts with the acoustic guitar which gives a feeling of being awake from a profound nap. It directly touches the soul and you feel being lost with the song. Six minutes into the song, Goher Mumtaz enters with the song Bhanwaray. It is undoubtly a reflective moment for Jal fans.

You really need to listen this beautiful rendition at least once!

The recreation of Aadat is proof that Nescafe Basement’s experiments can turn out into something new and different. Zulfiqar has not just twisted the instrumental version of Aadat but also has given a treat to the fans. Now, let’s see what comes next. Stay tuned with us for more details!


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Written by Amara Hanif

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