Police arrest doctor responsible for the spread of AIDS in Larkana1 min read

He is inculpated of infecting 90+ people – including children – with HIV which causes the pernicious disease of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or Aids. 

Earlier this month, provincial health ascendant entities were alarmed when the number of HIV-positive cases rose to 93 – including more than a dozen children.

Subsequently, an inquiry was objectively authorized in which it transpired that most of the children who tested positive for HIV had visited Dr. Muzaffar’s private clinic for other illness

The deputy commissioner, Noman Siddiqui, ordered authorized medical examination of the accused doctor which revealed that he himself was an Aids patient

Noman Siddiqui claimed that Dr. Muzaffar deliberately infected his patients with HIV through infected syringes. He suspected that the accused doctor might be suffering from some psychological quandary

Dr. Muzaffar was apprehended on the complaint of Sindh Aids Control Programme and an investigation is perpetual

Larkana perpetuates to top the list of districts most affected by HIV in Sindh, with the total number of Aids patients at more than 2,400

According to WHO, Pakistan is registering approximately 20,000 incipient HIV infections annually – the highest rate of incrementation among all countries in the region

Punjab has 75,000 cases of HIV – the highest in the country. The most prevalent reasons for the high outbreak include: unsafe medical practices, quackery, utilization of one syringe on multiple patients, and unsterilized implements, unsafe blood transfusions, contaminated razor blades utilized by street barbers, unsafe sexual practices, and taboos around sexual health


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