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Wakeup UN, “Humanity is bleeding in Kashmir”4 min read

Stop India from the brutal massacre of Kashmiris

As we know all the tensions arise in Kashmir. Humanity is bleeding in Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir Valley is bleeding and Peoples of Jammu and Kashmir are scared because of the behavior of Indian authority. Kashmiris is fulfilled with fear and dread. Wake Up United Nation and take some actions. Humans blood is spilled in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Everyday news of Jammu and Kashmir is held about rape and murder. It is too important for the United Nation to quickly do something about Kashmir. Kashmiris need our help.

As our Army said that they should go to any extent to fulfill obligations towards Kashmiri’s struggle. Kashmir is bleeding. Everyday Indian authority murder peoples there. India had held the Kashmiri people hostage and occupied the area, which did ‘not belong to it. There are a majority of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir and Indian authority tease them and their heart is full of sorrow.

Prime Minister of Pakistan vows to challenge India over Kashmir move The Foreign Minister urged International media to bring ground realities in Indian occupied Kashmir to the fore. He also said that Pakistan should also continue its support for Kashmiri people in their just struggle for the right to self -determination.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that

“Indian was using Sexual abuse as torture in occupied Kashmir. He also added that Kashmiri people are not alone in their just struggle.”

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed

Pakistan Government to End Relations with India including ending the bilateral trade. United Nation also agreed with it. People have sacrificed their lives because of their motherland. Women targeted there for rape. The Kashmir valley is bleeding and United Nation must take some steps quickly so that no more murder case held. There is no more humanity in the Indian Authority. They just bleed the life of people as well as their dreams also.

#WakeUpUN_KashmirBleeding Is on Trending on Twitter and this is what people want to say:

The Kashmir issue can be resolved immediately or peacefully by implementing the UN resolution.

Qureshi said We want India to abolish all the black laws enforced in occupied Kashmir

the also added that,

“I told them that go on as protesting is their right. You can chant your slogans against us but you stop the bullets and you use of pellet guns there.”


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Written by Saleef Shah

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