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The most heart breaking emotions of the familes of patient who are affected by China virus

China virus which is called the coronavirus outbreak in China. From this virus, millions of peoples are affected and thousands of people lost their life. It is very difficult for all the families whose loved ones are affected by this China virus named as coronavirus. The peoples who are affected by this China virus known as coronavirus are transferred to a special ward at Wuhan hospital. The most heartbreaking is that families do not look after their loved ones. Even they can’t see them or touch them. It rises an upset emotion to all the families. we really don’t know how their heart cries to meet or to look after them. China virus which is coronavirus not only affected the old peoples but it also affected the young people. Even a newborn baby is also affected by this China virus. The most disappointing news of this China virus also attacks a doctor who treats the patients of coronavirus.

A girl is also affected by the China virus and her mother is crying and pray for her recovery. She wants to touch her girl but she cannot. China virus also takes a life that is affected by it.

A newborn baby is under observation for the diagnosis of China virus

The most heartbreaking news that newborn coronavirus patient is under observation. Three infants whose mothers are highly suspected of having a coronavirus. Mother and father of that child want to touch their baby but they could not because of this China virus named coronavirus spread all around. Families of this virus patients are upset. we cannot imagine their emotions. How their heart feels for their affected child. This China virus does not affect the elders it also shows it’s symptoms to the youngest. Families of patients are disappointed and they have very upset emotions for their loved ones and want to see them recover.

The father of this newborn baby cannot control his emotions because he did not touch his child. He wants to put his baby in his arm but he could not. He does not control his tears because everyone knows the reaction of this China virus coronavirus.

The doctor who treat patients of China virus also affected by this coronavirus

The most horrible and heartbreaking thing is that the doctor who treats their patient for the recovery also affected by this virus. Peoples of China lose their hope when they listen to the news that the doctor who treats them also become the affected one by this China virus. And many doctors are died by this China virus.

The doctor is affected by this China virus. He lost their life because of this coronavirus.

All the nurses and doctors who care and look after the patient of China virus named as coronavirus. We have to respect them. They use masks all the time and work for the recovery of the patient. They help all the patients who are affected by this China virus coronavirus. They don’t care about ourselves. They had a rash on their face. Their face swells because of wearing a mask all the time. They are the best peoples who don’t think about our selves but think only about the patients who are affected by the China virus.

A mother cry for her daughter is suffering from China virus.

Another mother in China is cried for her girl who is suffering from China virus. Everybody in Wuhan hospital has very worried and upset emotions of their patients. A girl who is less than 10 is also suffering from fever. Her mother cries for her and pries for her recovery. Everybody all around Wuhan hospital has upset emotions. May Allah recover them. Black clouds are in China because of China Virus coronavirus. It breaks our hearts when we see the videos that a mother is crying for her girl and a father is a cry for his baby. And whole Wuhan hospital is disappointed when they heard that a doctor dies because of coronavirus or China virus.

Woman in China follow her mom’s body who died with China virus

A woman in China grieving and follow a hospital van in which the dead body of her mother. Coronavirus or China virus holds a life of many peoples. It is heartbreaking news and very upset emotions in their families. A woman is cried for her mother who dies because of the China virus. She grieved and follow the dead body of her mother and follow the van of Wuhan hospital in China.

Doctors had failed to save the woman’s mother who had been suspected to have coronavirus and transferred to the medical center for treatment.

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We prayed to Allah that all the patients recover soon and coronavirus end. May Allah protect every one form this China virus. and give strength to all the families of patients.


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Written by Sana Arshad

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