Price of protective mask increase by 900% after the COVID-19 pandemic4 min read

A big rush out in medical stores

After the confirmation of coronavirus in Pakistan, market increase the price of protective surgical mask more than Rs 400 and Rs 500. The owners of medical store said that a box of protective masks which would have ordinarily cost somewhere between Rs300 to 400 is now being sold for more than Rs2,000. The medical store owner citing a shortage of protective surgical mask behind the increment in their prices.

People make their business by selling this protective mask in Pakistan. More than thousands of surgical protective mask box are sold out. The prices of protective surgical mask also increase day by day after just the confirmation of coronavirus. Just in one day, people go and buy the boxes of surgical protective mask what ever the price of it. A big rush out in medical stores for buying a protective surgical mask. And there is also a news that coronavirus protective mask citing a shortage. Many medical stores provide mask in double prices. Peoples are also using mask when they are out or even on motorcycle

Medical store owners said that only one mask is being sold to one person, as supply of protective mask is off for a week, the traders were off the opinion that prices will come down as new stocks of surgical protective mask arrive. One shopkeeper of medical store informed that mask was being imported from China. This is the reason behind the shortage of mask in Pakistan and also the increment in prices of surgical protective mask.

Some kind peoples who give free protective mask to people in Pakistan

Instead of medical stores, there are some kind peoples who give free protective mask to people in sake of their protection from coronavirus. They did not take money for mask. As The rise in demand for masks have lead to its prices getting increase than there are some people who give free mask to people for the protection from coronavirus. As it transferred from one person to other person, people want their safety so few peoples in Pakistan distribute surgical protective mask to People in case of safety. They also told them the safety precautions of coronavirus.

citizens are also taking precautionary measures to combat the epidemic, and a mask is very effective tool to prevent the virus.

Two peoples are confirmed of having a coronavirus in Pakistan

Last day, Pakistan has confirmed that two people are verified of having a coronavirus.

Special Assistant to PM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed

“The Pakistan has first two cases of coronavirus. he also said the situation was under control and people should not be worried about these cases.”

Dr Zafar Mirza

The victims of coronavirus are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocol and both of the victims are stable. No need to panic, things are under control.

Precautions of coronavirus and what do in case of having a coronavirus

First of all, if you notice the symptoms of coronavirus call 1166. Call the number 1166 in case of coronavirus. must follow the following safety precautions:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Use mask when you are going out.
  • eat fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t eat too much meat these days.
  • Drink water regularly.

What can we save from coronavirus when we are on work?

The following measure we should adopt when we are at workplace:

You must avoid hugging or shaking with others. This can help prevent the virus from being transferred to healthy employees from employees who may already have the virus but are not showing its symptoms.

Must wash hand even if you are busy or not

All towels in toilet should be replaced with disposable towels that can be discarded after first use.

When you feel cough or flue, must visit to for checkup.

Protective mask must be discarded after one day.


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Written by Sana Arshad

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