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While there is a need for caution, there is no need for panic.

As Coronavirus spread in a number of countries, Pakistan also braces for enormous cases of coronavirus. The government of Pakistan listed some steps or actions against coronavirus. Pakistan also announced some drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus which is known as COVID-19. Pakistan also started the awareness campaigns by NGOs to aware people of how to stay away from coronavirus or COVID-19. For the very first time, NSC which is Pakistan’s National Security Committee held a meeting to discuss the crisis of coronavirus or think about the actions of healthcare against coronavirus COVID-19.

“While there is a need for caution, there is no need for panic,” Khan advised the public. He admires people to must follow the precautions and he also said that the health of people is the first priority of Pakistan’s government.

Imran Khan also tweeted for the sake of telling people to follow the safety instruction or action against coronavirus issues by our government.

These actions were taken in Pakistan against coronavirus:-

1. NCC monitor the situation:

The National Coordination Committee of Pakistan for COVID-19 is established to monitor the situation and take action against coronavirus on a daily basis. The committee is the representative of all the provinces and all the stakeholders related to it.

2. NDMA lead operation and include in implementation of actions:

NDMA is a National Disaster Management Authority that leads all the operations and coordinates with all the authorities can be provincial or district and includes in the implementation of all the preventive or curative actions.

3. Educational Institution must be closed:

All educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, madrassas), both public and private, will remain closed across the country until April 5, 2020. Strong action must be taken for those institutes opened. All the students stay home to stay away from coronavirus.

4. Pakistan will close its border with Afghanistan and Iran:

Pakistan will close its western border with Iran and Afghanistan completely for two weeks for both the travelers or the traders to prevent actions against coronavirus. All the pilgrims of Pakistan who arrived from Iran will be placed in 14 days quarantine.

5. Indian pilgrims are allowed:

Another action that should be taken against coronavirus is Katarpur, a reserved Sikh Shrine will be closed for Pakistani citizens. Indian pilgrims will be allowed to continue visiting.

6. Screening and surveillance measures:

Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad airports are opened with full screening or surveillance measures. for the effectiveness of screen travelers, People will allow arrival and departure of international flights at only of the three airports. And also seaports with additional measures will remain screened.

7. All the types of the gathering must be stopped:

All the gathering of people must be stopped. The large ceremonies, conferences, even the crowd in Pakistan Super League (PSL) will be closed. Because it spread from human to human. So, everyone should avoid sitting between peoples. PSL matches will also be held without any spectators.

8. Effective Management of Religious services:

Another action is taking in Pakistan against coronavirus is Minister for Religious Affairs and Council of Islamic Ideology officials will reach out to Islamic scholars and relevant leaders to work out the modalities for effective management of religious services in the wake of coronavirus.

9. No visitors would be allowed in prisons for three weeks:

The major action to reduce the coronavirus or COVID-19, no visitors would be allowed in prisons for three weeks. Also, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and provincial high courts requested the suspension of all proceedings of the civil court and asked that no cases are scheduled for the next three weeks.

10. Action for food security plan:

Action taken for food security plan will be devised to avoid any food shortages or hoarding in the coming weeks and months. So, many steps or actions are taken in Pakistan to reduce the cases of Coronavirus.

Must follow the Necessary Precaution at Home:

  • Wash your hands after every 20 or 30 minutes for 20 seconds. Because the germs are in aired and when you wash your hand it fleshes out.
  • Don’t shake hands to others or avoid sitting in gathering.
  • Use a mask when you are outside of your house.
  • Drink water every 15 minutes, because coronavirus enters through mouth or nose so when you drink more water, it will go to your underbelly and the acid in our body kill it. Stay safe from coronavirus. Must follow all the actions or precautions taking in Pakistan against coronavirus.


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Written by Sana Arshad

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