Asia’s Largest Oil and Gas Reserves might be Found in Pakistan1 min read

Pakistan is hopeful of finding large reserves of Gas and Oil in the sea near Karachi

Pakistan is close to discovering huge Oil and Gas Reserves in the Arabian Sea. If the oil deposits are discovered as expected, Pakistan will be among the top 10 oil-producing countries, ahead of Kuwait in the sixth position. Fortune of Pakistanis near to change.

PM further added that newly discovered reserves are found near Karachi’s offshore waters. He urged the nation to pray for the success of the exploration efforts and said the development could bring about a massive change in Pakistan’s fortunes.

Pakistan will no longer need to import oil from Middle Eastern countries. Such self-sufficiency in oil and gas sector will help in tremendous economic growth of our country.

Offshore Drilling has commenced in Pakistan, sizably voluminous reserves of oil and gas are expected to be found in the country. If it’s prosperity, it will be a game changer for the country as well as the entire region.


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