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Pakistan Has listed The Best Destination For Tourism14 min read

Tourist called that beauty of Pakistan is more than Switzerland

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful Countries in Pakistan. And now tourism is now going rapidly to see the beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with the millions of tourists who only come to observe the beauty of Pakistan. Maybe it is cultural tourism or religious tourism, Tourist come in Pakistan and they accepted that Pakistan is one of the most charming and beautiful countries all over the world. Now a day, Pakistan becomes the destination for tourists. In previous years, The ranking of Pakistan in tourism is improved and Pakistan is one of the countries that tourist wants to come and observe its beauty.

Our Government also improved the insecurity problem and they also provoke tourism. Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that Pakistan opens its door all over the world to come and see beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan is now secured for all the tourism. Day by day, the number of tourism increased rapidly and significantly.

“Pakistan’s e-visa policy is now open for the citizens of 175 countries for tourism.”

Pakistan has rich potential for tourism due to its rich culture, geographical, biological diversity, greenery, charming beauty, and its history. Tourism has developed as an instrument for creating considerable economic gains. The country Pakistan has various tourist destinations at Swat, Murree, Chitral, Kalash, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza, and Neelam valleys, other mountainous ranges and historical and archaeological sites. Tourists visit Pakistan to see its historical places that show its history. Some of the historical places of Pakistan for tourism are Hiran Minar, Noor Mahal, Wazir Khan Mosque, Mohenjo Daro, Minar-e-Pakistan, Tomb of Jahangir, Rohtas Fort and many more.

Beautiful Places in Pakistan for tourism.

Sawat Valley

Sawat is truly called a Switzerland by tourist in the East. Tourism in Sawat Valley enjoys a lot because of its magnificent landscapes and with the red hut cottages that remind us of the views of Switzerland. Swat Tour is full of amazeballs with dense deep forest with richly green alpine meadows, the swirling waterfalls with the roaring river.

            There are also a number of Places in Sawat Valley for tourism are Kalam Valley, Kumrat Valley, Madyan,  Bahrain,  Marghazar,  Saidu Sharif,  Mahodand    Lake,  Malam Jabba, Fizaghat and Kundol Lake. Sawat Valley is the best place in Pakistan for tourism.


Murree is the most popular and developed hill station in Pakistan for tourism. The scenery of Murree is superb, charming, its climate is cold. Its weather is crispy cold. More places of Murree are Mall Road, Kashmir Point, Pindi Point. There are Gallies around Murree covered with thick pine forests.  Mall Road is the part of Murree where visitors love walking and while doing shopping, buying shawls, shoes and eating dry fruits.


Chitral is the district that is located in the region of northwestern Pakistan. The scenery of Chitral has a beautiful landscape and it also has a mountainous region. The peoples of Chitral are very peaceful.  Chitral is a very remote area because of its mountainous region and it is very hard to access it during winters because the roads are blocked and sometimes the only route left is going through Afghanistan which is very dangerous due to the terrorist presence. Chitral is the best place for tourism. Chitral also has a number of villages for tourism. The people of Chitral are fond of music. They are also fond of eating.

They are very skilled because they are making beautiful hand products. The people who go there for tourism in the best area of Pakistan also bought that hand made products. Many movie scenes also captured there. It is one of the best places for tourism.

Kalash Valley

Kalash valley is present in the Chitral district in Northern areas of Pakistan. People of Kalash are very well mannered and peaceful for the entire tourist who visits there.  If the tourists are visiting the Kalash Valleys during one of the festivals then there will be plenty of feasts for the eyes. Dance, drink and be amazed at the colorful rituals and clothes on display. They are also fond of music. They are also skilled as the people of Chitral. Tourism to the Chitral district, people also want to view the beauty of Kalash valley.


Hunza is the northern part of Pakistan which also connects China with Pakistan. Hunza is also a mountainous region. Many tourists want to come there and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pakistan. It is noted that more tourism in this northern part of Pakistan. Hunza is a very beautiful place and the beauty of Hunza attracts tourism. The best- known and most popular thing of Hunza is that the bazaar of Karimabad for its handicrafts, its handmade carpets, and embroidered caps, number of different shawls. The most beautiful thing that attracts tourists is Ruby. The Hunza valley is popular for its snow-capped and rough mountains.


Skardu is the city in Gilgil-Baltistan. It is one of the best tourist places in Pakistan. It is also known as the Skardu district. The people of Skardu are well mannered and they are very friendly in nature. Tourist goes there to make their journey amazing. People of Skardu also make hand-made products and they also gift it to their tourists as a memorable thing. Tourism rapidly increased now a day in Skardu. The casting of the movie also done in this region of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab is a high mountain pass on the northern border of Pakistan with China, at an elevation of 4.733m above the sea level. The Khunjerab Pass is the highest border-crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakoram Highway. Tourism is going rapidly in this region of Pakistan. Many tourists from all over the world want to come there. The clouds at this pass are so gloomy. It is one of the best places for spending vacations there.

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort is the historical place present in the area of Punjab. Some tourists want to see history. This place is for those tourists who interested in history and old rules. They love to visit there. It is one of the best places for tourism. The fortress was built during the reign of Sher Shah Suri.

Naran Kaghan

Naran is a town in medium size that is present in the upper kaghan valley in the district of Mansehra of the province of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Peoples of Pakistan visit there because this area is cold and sometimes snowfall occurs. Tourists also make this point their destination. It attracts all the people who are in Pakistan and especially those who come for tourism. This is also counting one of the best places in Pakistan where tourism rapidly grows to see the beauty of this valley. The water there seems beautiful. The clouds are just like they are a combination of blue and white.

Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir is one of the Administrative regions of Pakistan that is present in the Northern part of the country. The northern part of Azad Jammu and Kashmir comprises the lower part of the Himalayas, including Jamgarh Peak. So, there also a Sarwali peak that is present in the Neelum Valley which is one of the highest peaks in the state. The land is so Fertile, green, mountainous valleys are the characteristic features of Azad Kashmir’s, making it one of the most beautiful regions of Pakistan. Tourism is also growing there. People want to come and see its beauty.


Mohenjo-Daro is one of the historical places in Sindh. It is one of the best archaeological places. Some years ago, it is very difficult and will have a hard time passing up a chance to visit Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh. History buffs will an extensive study and excavation of the area led to the conclusion that the mounds and ruins were once a part of the Indus Valley Civilization, a contemporary of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The people who want to know the history of Mohenjo-Daro can visit there. Each brick of Mohenjo-Daro shows its history. It is also an amazing place for tourism. Its weather is temporal. People who visit there must enjoy that place because it is one of the best places in Pakistan for tourism.


K2 is one of the highest peaks in Pakistan. People in Pakistan or the entire tourist who love to climb on mountain visit K2 to fulfill their thoughts. Some tourists love to climb on the mountain. It is located in the Baltistan region of Gilgit–Baltistan of Pakistan.  It is also in the range where tourists are going to see the beauty of this mountain K2 in the Baltistan region of Gilgit–Baltistan of Pakistan. It is difficult to climb on the mountain but the people who love to climb go there and must go on their peak. It is also the best place for tourism.

Lake Saiful Muluk

This Lake Saiful Muluk is near to Naran and it is one of the best lakes in Pakistan which attracts the most to tourism. Tourists love this lake because of its beauty. The water of Lake Saiful Muluk is very clear and attractive. A snow-covered on it. The best lake is available near Naran of Pakistan. LakeSaiful Muluk is a mountainous lake and is one of the beautiful lakeS all over the world. The lake is a source of the Kunhar River. Tourism also going rapidly in Lake Saiful Muluk


Daman-e-Koh is located in Islamabad of Pakistan. It is one of the best Picnic spots and also a lookout in Margalla Hills. Tourists who come to Islamabad must visit there. It is the hilltop garden in Islamabad of Pakistan. Tourism is going rapidly in Daman-e-Koh of Pakistan.  Monkeys are common there during winter. Daman-e-Koh is also a popular resident for visitors and tourists. Daman-e-Koh is also popular for all the visitors to the capital. It is a very beautiful picnic spot and attractive place for the lookout of Margalla Hills.

Churna Island

Churna Island is present at Mubarak Goth, Kiamari Town in Karachi of Pakistan. It is one of the best Islands that are present in Pakistan. Churna Island is a small island and is located near an Arabian sea. It is the most attractive Island. The island has gained fame recently in the past few years due to several recreational activities such as snorkeling, cliff diving, scuba diving, and underwater photography. It is very famous for underwater photography. Churna Island is the hidden paradise located in the Arabian Sea. Many tourist visits in the area Mubarak Goth, Kiamari Town of Pakistan. They must watch this hidden paradise. It is also the best place for tourism.

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is a beach located on the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Pakistan. This Clifton beach is also the best place for tourism. As tourists of other countries love sea beach so they must visit Clifton Beach. There are many several activities to do on this beach. There are many restaurants present on this beach. Camel riding is one of the best activities in this place. It is one of the most attractive places for tourism in Pakistan.

Pir Chinasi

It is the highest peak near Muzzafarabad. High up in mountains, it offers great views of the valley in an alpine environment. The road from Muzzafarabad is good enough for cars. The tourist area is fully covered with snow. Very beautiful place to visit and enjoy nature and snow. Fresh originated air, Easy access, perfect Road. It is one of the best places for tourism. Tourist loves this place of Pakistan.

Cholistan Desert

The Cholistan Desert is located in Bahawalpur of Pakistan. The Cholistan Desert is also called Rohi. Some tourists want to see the desert. It is also one of the best places for tourism. There are many camels in this region of Pakistan. Tourism is going rapidly in Pakistan. Cholistan desert is the western part of the Thar Desert.

“These are the places of northern area where everyone want to visit and observe their beauty. Tourism is rapidly increased in Pakistan because they said that the beauty of Northern area is like the beauty of Switzerland.”


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