Watch: Revealed What happened between Ali Rehman Khan and the McDonald’s employee2 min read

Famous Pakistani television and film actor Ali Rehman khan’s video leaked all around on social media in which he screamed on the employee of Mcdonalds. Ali Rehman Khan loses his cool on that employee. It was an 25 second video that is recorded in the middle of an argument between Ali Rehman Khan and employee of Mcdonalds. The recorded video of Ali Rehman Khan and that employee’s argument complete with lines like

“Aapko pata hai main kaun hoon? Aapne kabhi mujhe TV pe dekha hai? Aap employee hain, aapka kaam hai meri baat maanna.”

And the Mcdonals employee trying to control that situation by saying that

 “Please sir, don’t be angry with us. You’re absolutely right. I was just joking.”

And when Ali Rehman Khan realized that someone making the video of their argument in public. So, Ali Rehman Khan seemed to only pause firstly.

Here are some tweets of people about Ali Rehman Khan argument.

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